Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G to cost $199 on contract?

The HTC EVO 4G might be sold by Sprint for $199 on contract – not such a big surprise, since most of the high-end smartphones sold on the US market (including Verizon’s HTC Droid Incredible) are offered for a similar price.

According to Ozcarguide, a Best Buy rep confirmed the $199 price for the EVO. A data plan subscription for two years will probably be required.

The HTC EVO 4G is North America’s first 4G (WiMAX) phone, and Sprint’s fourth Android handset – after the HTC Hero, Samsung Moment, and Motorola i1.

Sprint currently says that the EVO 4G will be available in the summer – June 13 is a possible launch date.

Via Android Central

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • au0614

    This original article is laughable. The guy just walks into a Best Buy and the Geek Squad agent just tells him a price and he takes it. It is pure speculation. There is no documentation. There is nothing. I maybe would think this is more credible information if he was talking to the Mobile Phones supervisor, not the Geek Squad (which have nothing to do with phone sales or prices). There is currently no information on price. If this was credible there would be documentation (like the pre-sale documentation or accessories documentation). If I had to guess at a price I would guess $199 but that is just based on comments from Hesse about being competitively priced (something he said when they announced the Evo). The least it could be is $199.

  • K. eepsmokin

    Thats an interesting guess, pretty close. I was just in a sprint store today and asked about the price on the evo and the sprint rep told me it was priced at $250 after a $100 mail in rebate. This was after the store was preveiwed the phone by corporate.im pretty good friends with the guy and they still haven't even told them the official release date as of yet.

  • Deezulbub

    Agreed with both au0614 & smokin: This article is nothing more than filler until Sprint starts releasing viable info & pricing to its point-of-sale outlets (BB, Sprint stores, etc.). Posting a “story” based on “confirmation” from a “Best Buy rep” = drivel. Besides, there's no mention that Sprint doesn't subsidize their phones as much as other carriers because of the rate plans, which is common knowledge. I certainly hope the EVO comes out at around 200 bucks, but that's wishful thinking considering the Touch Pro2 was $100 more at launch AFTER REBATE & doesn't hold a candle to the EVO's potential. Hesse's comments about competitive pricing are encouraging, but given Sprint's history, I don't see Sprint changing its spots with the launch of what is arguably the hottest phone to hit the market ever. Surely, Sprint reps are reading the same banter we are, & seeing how many people are actually talking about jumping ship from their current carrier just to have this phone. Sprint knows they can still charge a premium for this handset and continue to push the fact that their rates are the lowest, their services are improving (somewhat), and that no one else offers 4G. If Hesse truly wants to see customers lining up at the door, he'll ensure that the phone is priced in the $200 range. Based on Sprint's past practices, however, there's little incentive to do so, which is so short-sighted it's not even funny…it's ignorant. All the other carriers' marketing is focused on their latest phones & why their network and features are the best. Sprint's commercials give us Hesse saying, “We're improving customer service,” &, “If you don't like Sprint within the first 30 days, we'll refund your money.” The latter is especially laughable because this is standard practice with any carrier, but Hesse is acting like this is a major selling-point to get people to switch to Sprint. If Sprint really wants to drive new business, potentially reclaim some of the millions of users lost due to sh*tty past practices & (gasp) actually retain current customers, he'll back his comments with a bold gesture, by keeping the phone affordable & reach out to those beyond the early-adopters (like me :P). The “lowest-rate-plan” tactic hasn't done anything to move Sprint from under its self-induced dark cloud. Yet, here we are, a month & a half from the EVO's speculated release, & nothing exists except for a few weblinks that do nothing but show Sprint's splash page for the phone. Perhaps Sprint is ramping up for a major push before release after the phone debuts at the NY event in May. I'm guessing this is when we'll actually start to see tangible info, like inventory screenshots & the like. Unfortunately, I'm hedging my bets that the phone comes out at at least $300 after rebate. Hope I'm wrong…