Unknown HTC Android QWERTY phone (Wildfire?) hits the FCC, AT&T 3G included

Rarely do we see the FCC approving an HTC phone and posting photos of it – and yet this has just happened.

The HTC PC70110 has been approved by the Commission with AT&T 3G bands (850 / 1900 MHz), and we can clearly see that it’s a touchscreen handset with a full QWERTY keyboard.

The handset also has four touch-sensitive keys, one of them being the familiar Android Home key, so the PC70110 is most likely based on Google’s OS. Update: upon a closer inspection, I’ve noticed that the keys look exactly like the four keys the HTC Droid Incredible has. The navigation pad, however, is different.

Sadly, we don’t know the real name of the PC70110 (this is just the model number – these are almost never used by HTC after a handset is launched).

I can’t help thinking about HTC’s recent Facebook poll, which asked and still asks users to vote for the name of a mysterious “playful and full of youth” handset. The HTC PC70110 looks kind of youthful with its blue-ish keyboard, so it might be exactly that mysterious handset – which, according to the poll’s current results, will be called HTC Wildfire.

Time will tell if this is the HTC Widlfire or not.


Author: Ilinca Nita

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