Apple schedules WWDC 2010 for June 7, iPhone 4G / HD expected

This year, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will take place between June 7 and June 11. Since the iPhone 3GS was announced at WWDC 2009, the fourth generation iPhone (4G or HD or whatever it will be called) will likely be announced at WWDC 2010.

That’s sooner that expected – the previously-rumored announcement date was June 22.

Apple has already announced iPhone OS 4, so all it needs to do now is to unveil the new iPhone’s hardware, which is quite possibly similar to the hardware of this iPhone 4 prototype appeared at Gizmodo not long ago:

Expectations are high when it comes to the fourth-gen iPhone, especially since lately we’ve seen quite many high-end smartphones that kind of put to shame the iPhone (feature-wise, at least). Will Apple rise to the expectations? Probably yes, but let’s not anticipate.

Via Apple, Engadget

Author: Ilinca Nita

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