LG GM360 Bali photos show evidence of it being a dual-SIM phone

Though the idea of dual-SIM phones has been around for a while and there are already quite a lot of handset models from different manufacturers offering such functionality, it really hasn’t caught on as much with the cellphone-making bigwigs, what with just a handful of models from famous handset makers out there that can accept two SIM cards and run them simultaneously. But if these photos turn out to be of the real thing, you can add the LG GM360 Bali phone to that short list of dual-SIM handsets.

Besides the SIM card slot that most people have already come to expect residing underneath a phone’s battery compartment, the LG GM360 Bali bears what looks like a second SIM card slot to the right of the built-in camera, just above the first one. Perhaps LG decided to include a second SIM card slot in there to honor the phone’s namesake, because Bali is in Asia and that’s where dual-SIM phones are quite popular. Otherwise, it might as well be just something random LG came up with.

The rest of the phone’s specs are nothing out of the ordinary: 5-megapixel camera onboard, 3-inch WQVGA touchscreen display, built-in music player, FM radio, Bluetooth, USB port and microSD card support. Info on availability and release date pricing are still unavailable.

Via LG Central

Author: David Gonzales

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  • mirmit


    The slot at the right of the camera is a MicroSD slot as in the Nokia's N900.

    It barrely can be a SIM slot as all the connectors are on one line, while the SIM has more a rectangular pattern.