Samsung starts shipping first multi-chip package with PRAM for future handsets

Although Samsung recently announced their success at making the industry’s first 20nm-class NAND flash memory chips for use in SD cards and future handhelds, they seem to acknowledge something that a few enthusiasts believe to be true: Flash memory is on its way out.

One replacement candidate is called PRAM or Phase-change memory, which is said to offer a few fixes to practical problems being presented by Flash memory and has much higher performance in applications where writing quickly is important. And Samsung is at the forefront of this development with the industry’s first multi-chip package (MCP) with a PRAM chip intended for use in mobile phones.

Samsung states in its press release that the 512 megabit PRAM in their MCP is backward compatible with 40nm-class NOR flash memory in both its hardware and software functionality, and this should enable handset makers to enjoy the benefits of a multi-chip package while maintaining full compatibility with past stand-alone PRAM chip technology.

The company firmly believes that consumers will need the faster “write” capabilities of newer technologies like PRAM for things like taking photo images, providing multimedia messaging and recording video clips to reduce the standby time in data storage, as well as further improving solid state drives and HDTVs. It is for this reason that the company is pushing for the adoption of things like this new MCP with a PRAM chip and other alternatives to Flash memory.

It is expected that PRAM will be widely embraced by next year as the next major memory technology and successor to NOR flash in consumer electronics designs.

Via Korea Newswire

Author: David Gonzales

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