Windows Live Messenger for Apple iPhone screenshots emerge

Microsoft had been working on a version of Windows Live Messenger for Apple’s iPhone as far back as late 2009. And as one might expect after several months, work on the app is near completion. Today, the first screenshots of the forthcoming mobile messaging client have been revealed to show a few of its features.

According to those in the know, Windows Live Messenger for iPhone will include photo sharing, chat and a social stream for users. Beyond this, nothing else has been specified, though more details should become available as we near the app’s official release date.

Microsoft is expected to launch a limited private beta in May, but won’t be releasing bits to public beta until June, when it is scheduled to come out officially alongside the rest of Windows Live Wave 4.

From the screenshots that have been released, Windows Live Messenger for iPhone actually looks great. So if you’re one to frequently use this mobile messaging client, you’ll find it worth looking forward to in the iPhone.

Via Neowin

Author: David Gonzales

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  • Joel

    I hope it includes a Live Meeting feature, similiar to what Cisco has done with their webex iPhone app.