Chinese phones banned in India for security reasons

After the banning of IMEI-less phones last December, India’s government has now decreed the banning of all phones produced by China-based companies.

According to Global Telecom Business, the Indian government is concerned about the fact that phones from China could come with “spyware or malware that offers intelligence agencies across the border access to telecom networks in India” – and that’s the reason for the ban.

Manufacturers like ZTE and Huawei, which used to sell lots of phones across India, will certainly be affected by the decision.

Indian telecom operators are also put in a difficult situation, as many of them have ordered phones from Chinese manufacturers and now they have to search for other suppliers. On the other hand, India-based phone makers should be quite happy about all this.

Companies like Nokia, Samsung, LG and Motorola may see a rise in sales across India following the banning of Chinese handsets. Ironically, lots of the phones that come under these big brands are actually manufactured in China.

Via Pocket-lint

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • James W

    Pot calling Kettle, the way I see it India's a far filthier, deprived and more of an undeveloped country than China and malware or whatever viruses that go on I would expect to triple in a place where some of the authority is more corrupt than China's, whose transformaton in infrastructure is at least 300 years ahead of India's.

    If I were a Chinese in China, I'd be dubious about accepting goods from the slum dirt fested haven known as India. Indeed, made in China is the norm now, and a chiq preference.

    Made in India, i'd think twice before accepting something that probably grew out of a man's behind where toilet leftovers are dumped in public.

  • Mohan Nair

    India might be far filthier place but as a democracy where things happen slowly but surely on a consensus basis. Indian Govt. does not goes out overnight and bulldozes people out of their home or gift villages to companies who spew out toxic waste.

    People are free to vote and throw out Govt. File lawsuits. Can the Chinese even dream of this?

    Do you know most of Chinese crap is not banned in India but the people reject crap that China produces. India produces hi-tech value added stuff not the cheap crap that that China produces.

  • sachinssh

    Hi James,

    The world is want india for all aspects such as call center,technology(35% of employees are indians in microsoft),doctors(50% are indians in london), father of pantium processor the vinod dham is indian. then also the people like you only highlighting the indian old stories of we have no public toliets etc.

    I request you to see the movie “Outsourced” you will understand how much the indians are work hollic. We are working for you for in night time totally to serve you in call center.

  • KazikM

    Nokia factories are not only in China. Many phones are manufactured in Finland (not only company's HQ), Romania and Hungary. Check at (exactly:,0,0/1/ )

  • Ilinca

    Nokia phones are also made in Mexico and Brazil. But this wasn't the point. I obviously know that these giant companies don't manufacture all their handsets in China. I said “lots of them”, not all of them.

  • KazikM

    You are right.
    Companies with huge volume of products locate their factories near to target markets. This is why in Poland I see phones from Hungary and Romania, and in South America people can buy brasilian-made handsets.