Samsung Galaxy 3 (i5800 / i5801) with Android in the making?

The Samsung i5800 / i5801 is coming soon, and we have reasons to believe that it will be a member of the Galaxy series, possibly called Samsung Galaxy 3.

According to the i5801’s UA profile, the handset features an Android browser, so it will obviously run Android. The display resolution appears to be 240 x 480. This might be a typo, though, and the real resolution could in fact be 320 x 480 (like on the Galaxy Spica i5700 and the Galaxy i7500).

There’s also a Wi-Fi certification for the Samsung i5801 (so the phone features Wi-Fi), and a Bluetooth SIG approval, showing Bluetooth 3.0 as being present.

CellPassion suggests that the i5800 / i5801 might be called Samsung Galaxy Spica 2. However, several European online retailers are listing the i5800 as Samsung Galaxy 3 (see here and here).

Unfortunately, there are no images that show the Samsung i5800 / i5801 yet.


Author: Ilinca Nita

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