BlackBerry Tour 9630 users get Push-to-Talk “Free for Life” from Verizon

Since Verizon started offering free Push-to-Talk to users of the BlackBerry Tour 9630 just over a month ago, the conversion rate hasn’t been that great. How do we know? Well, call it a gut feeling, but we feel that if enough users got in on the “limited time” free PTT offering, then Verizon wouldn’t be offering it now for free for the life of a user’s contract.

That’s right, Verizon’s Push-to-Talk service now isn’t just free for the originally specified period of 90 days, but free for the life of a BlackBerry Tour 9630 user’s contract. And there’s no hassle in trying to make the most out of it, too.

All a user has to do to enjoy Verizon’s “free for life” PTT service is to download and install the PTT software and service to their devices before the 30th of June. Users will also be receiving an e-mail with information Verizon is providing in order to help them get started. If that hasn’t arrived in your inbox yet, check out the links below for details.

VZW via Crackberry

Author: David Gonzales

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