Sony Ericsson files for Nexus UI trademark

Remember that earlier report, according to which Sony Ericsson should have manufactured the Nexus One instead of HTC?

Well, SE may or may not make a future Nexus phone, but one thing’s clear: the company has filed an application for trademarking the word “Nexus”.

It’s not for a phone, though, but for a “graphical user interface software for mobile devices; and software for enhancing the user experience in a mobile device or worldwide web interface.”

The trademark application has been filed both in Europe (with the Trademarks and Design Registration Office) and in the US (with the USPTO).

Sony Ericsson’s registration for the Nexus trademark in the US has been refused, because there’s another company that previously registered the trademark “VISUAL NEXUS”, which refers to

“Computer software for creating, enhancing, managing, sending and receiving data messages, voice, image and telephony over computer networks and the Internet and for use on or with personal computers computer servers, wireless and other mobile technologies and devices; computer software that is used to drive visual online conferences between the terminals connected through the communication network; electronic circuits and CD-ROMs containing computer software that drives visual online conference system between the terminals connected through the communication network; communication network access server; computer network access server operating software; communications servers; computer terminals, modems; computer network hubs, switches and routers.”

The USPTO mentions that it refused SE’s trademark registration because

“The marks of the parties are similar in sound, appearance and meaning. The dominant part of each party’s mark is the word “nexus.” Therefore, the similarities in the elements that exist are sufficient to find a likelihood of confusion.”

However, Sony Ericsson “may respond to the refusal(s) by submitting evidence and arguments in support of registration.”

Trademark registrations aside, it’s quite weird that SE wants to have a mobile UI named Nexus. Does this mean the company will eventually make a Google Nexus phone? Or it simply has no inspiration for a new name?

Via CellPassion

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • Teofilo Vizcaino

    The registration of Nexus Trademark has nothing to do with Google Nexus One making, because Google pressed to Sony Ericsson to change name of their UI: Anyway, Google could not register the trademark, because it was alredy registered: In conclusion, Sony Ericsson may register the trademark in europe to avoid Google “steal” their name there.