BlackBerry 9670 and Bold 9800 caught on video running BlackBerry OS 6

Two of RIM’s unannounced smartphones, the BlackBerry 9670 and the BlackBerry Bold 9800, have been caught on video recently.

You might already know that the BlackBerry 9670 is a clamshell, while the Bold 9800 is a slider (RIM’s first). Both smartphones have full QWERTY keyboards, and it looks like only the Bold 9800 comes with a touchscreen display. We know about the BlackBerry 9670 that it features Wi-Fi and a 5MP autofocus camera with flash. The 9800 should have Wi-Fi, too, but its camera seems to be without a flash.

The BlackBerry 9670 and the Bold 9800 run BlackBerry OS 6 (not yet released) and could be out this summer. It’s said that Verizon and Vodafone will launch the 9670. As for the Bold 9800, it might go to the GSM carriers in the US (AT&T, T-Mobile), since Bolds are usually launched by them – although this isn’t the case with the recently-announced Bold 9650.

Both new handsets should be out this summer (hopefully). Until then, enjoy the videos:

Via The Cellular Guru, Boy Genius Report

Author: Florin

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  • wesware

    Kind of creepy video but the device looks great and I look forward to seeing it in person soon. Love my Storm 2 but hate the onscreen keyboard. A slider with OS 6 sounds like it will be awesome!

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