Bing for Windows Mobile version 5.1 update brings new features

Those of you who have been using Bing for Windows Mobile might be wary of updating to the latest version since some recent previous updates actually took away some features instead of adding them. Now, a new update has been rolled out to Bing for Windows Mobile, and those who’ve updated are happy to announce that there are at least a couple of good things to this update.

The new version of Bing for Windows Mobile includes a new feature which might possibly bring it up to the level of Google Maps for navigation. It now has full Turn by Turn voice prompting navigation, and text-to-speech works great, down to the streets being shown on the map which will now be spoken out.

Some users are also reporting that this update brings back the ability to bring in addresses from your contacts, although others are saying that this feature was already there to begin with. In any case, a free update is a free update, and it’s good that it brings at least a couple of new useful features.

Those who wish to update their version of Bing for Windows Mobile should direct their phone browsers here: Note that not all Windows Mobile devices may be supported at this time.

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Author: David Gonzales

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