Samsung i5800 / i5801 (Galaxy 3?) with Android 2.1 leaked (video)

As we said a few weeks ago, the Samsung i5800 / i5801 is, indeed, an Android 2.1 smartphone, and the proof for this comes in the form of a video, which quickly previews the unannounced handset.

The new handset borrows a bit from the design of the Samsung Galaxy A (recently launched in Korea). Its features include Wi-Fi, 3G, 3.5mm headset jack, and MicroSD card support.

The display of Samsung i5800 / i5801 has either 240 x 480, or 320 x 480 pixels, and it could be AMOLED (the video shows it looking way better than the TFT display of the Galaxy Spica i5700).

The Samsung i5800 / i5801 might be officially called Samsung Galaxy 3, but this isn’t confirmed yet. If it’s announced soon enough, it will likely become Samsung’s eighth GSM Android phone.

Via Howard Chui, Samsung Hub

Author: Florin

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  • James W

    yawwwnn, not to the hard working blogger, just the phone, why are phones just so boring now with nothing new and innovating? We keep hearing mind blowing specs but they are nver delivered and when they are, they're already obsolete and 8 months late to the market. So incredibly boring, thank God I'm no die hard geek, that Android OS is looking a little dated now, the icons like Windows PC OS really need to be ditched and just given a complete overhaul to cater to the 21st century. BTW, the HTC EVo is also a very boring looking phone, plain Android OS just destroys it's excitement, yes, function over form but for crying out loud, give it some high tech eye candy.