Microsoft offers free Office Mobile 2010 upgrade for phones running Windows Mobile 6.5

As it announced the official worldwide availability of Office 2010 for the desktop, Microsoft also made mention of Office Mobile 2010, saying that it will be available as a free upgrade for all phones running Windows Mobile 6.5. Yes, it is being made available for free.

And although free, Office Mobile 2010 is not without value. In fact, it’s quite an essential Windows Mobile app for business users as it offers tight integration with Microsoft’s desktop Office suite, while adding features and further enhancing the functionality of smarthones.

To avail of this free Office Mobile 2010 upgrade, you must have a phone that’s already running an older version of Office Mobile, though. But if you’ve got that covered, then check out the Windows Marketplace to download your copy of Office Mobile 2010 today.

Via Press release

Author: David Gonzales

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  • margo

    The rats are deserting the Windows Mobile sinking ship. To attract them back to this dying platform, Microsoft offers its Office software. However, Windows Mobile is almost dead, so it doesn't matter what software you put on it.

  • Marc

    Nooo, is not. I'm been developing application for Windows Mobile all these years, and what Windows Mobile 6.5 is bring to the table,is real hard to turn the face to the new operating system. Personally I will not welcome Windows Phone 7 OS yet as long I have a Windows Mobile 6.5. First able, Windows Phone does not support multitasking in a open way compare to Windows Mobile 6.5. Second able, Windows Phone 7, in a first place won't have video support (Video Recording), no copy and paste functionality. Ahhhh Windows Mobile is not dead at least for me, and is great that Microsoft and developers are still adding more and more aplication to the powerful WM OS's.