No Skype for Windows Phone 7, says Skype Vice President

It’s weird how more and more software developers are literally abandoning Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. Not long after Mozilla unveiled that it’s dropping development of Firefox for WP7, now Skype says it won’t make software for Microsoft’s new mobile platform, either.

Dan Neary, Skype’s Vice President for Asia Pacific, confirmed there will be no Skype for Windows Phone 7, although he didn’t disclose any details on what made the company take this decision.

He did, however, mention that new versions of Skype will be launched for Android, iPhone, and even the brand new iPad.

This comes a few months after Skype for Windows Mobile was removed from Skype’s official website.

I think Skype considers it’s worthless investing time and money in a platform that’s un-open and doesn’t have too many chances to become more popular than iPhone, Android and Symbian.

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Author: Florin

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