Google Nexus One will no longer be sold online

After giving up launching the Nexus One via both Verizon and Sprint (because of the Droid Incredible and the HTC EVO 4G), Google has now announced it’s also ready to stop selling the smartphone online, through its almost-famous Phone store.

This doesn’t mean Google is completely ditching the Nexus One, not by far. It simply means the big G realized people aren’t yet used to buy phones without actually seeing them first, and without being able to choose from a variety of plans and contracts. Thus, Google wants to bring the Nexus One to more retail stores globally, and “stop selling handsets via the web store”, once it “has increased the availability in stores.”

The online store will be kept as “a window to showcase a variety of Android phones available globally”.

Google is still reluctant to say how many Nexus One units it sold until now. However, it did mention that it’s “very happy with the adoption of Android in general” – and we’re hearing it now ships about 65,000 Android devices per day, which is about 23.7 million units per year.

Via Google

Author: Florin

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