Foxconn to ship up to 24 million units of Apple’s iPhone 4G in 2010, says DigiTimes Research

Apple’s fourth-generation iPhone (more commonly known as the iPhone 4G) hasn’t even been officially announced but it looks to be Apple’s worst-kept secret. With two leaks showcasing it and its current involvement in a criminal investigation, it’s getting a lot of publicity that Apple won’t be able to get anywhere else.

But just how interested will the consumers really be when it finally comes out in June, when Apple fully unveils it and releases it to the market? DigiTimes Research cites sources in Taiwan and says Foxconn will ship 24 million units of the much-talked about phone starting in June. That’s 24 million chances buyers will have to grab the upcoming iPhone.

DigiTimes senior analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who relayed the numbers for the DigiTimes Research report, mentioned a few other things about Apple’s next iPhone. Its display will use an IPS panel with FFS (fringe-field switching) technology, which allows a wider viewing angle and clearer visual quality under in sunlight, apparently as part of Apple’s move to improve the iPhone’s performance as an e-book reading device and further increase adoption of its iBooks store.

The display was also noted as having a 960×640 resolution, as well as a thinner profile to allow for larger battery modules and more battery life. Other improvements the iPhone 4G will have over the previous version are a 512MB memory module from Samsung and the iPhone 4.0 OS.

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