Rumored “Project Emerald” might result in Android-powered Sidekick Twist

T-Mobile apparently has been working up a little something called “Project Emerald” and it has been deemed as a handset launch by those in the know. Info about this was first posted on about a week ago and today, more details about the device have surfaced.

Earlier rumors and speculation about Project Emerald pointed towards the Samsung Galaxy S as the handset that would come out as the result of this top secret operation. But as you know, the Samsung Galaxy S isn’t exactly a secret anymore and so if it was Project Emerald, then there would be no point in being secretive about the whole thing.

But the latest information indicates that the “Nexus One-like device” being billed as Project Emerald might actually be a Sidekick Twist running Android 2.1, with a mobile processor (possibly from Snapdragon) clocked at 1GHz and a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display to round out its list of super smartphone features.

There still isn’t really any hard info on this, but we’ll be providing relevant updates as soon as new stuff trickles down from the source.

Via TMonews

Author: David Gonzales

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  • JustMeHere

    Give us a 1.5Ghz Snapdragon and an optimized HTC sense UI as well as Android 2.2 and that's what T Mobile should have been doing since it started Android revolution with the G1. Now that's more like it, Samsung can keep its Galaxy. Garmin its phone. Motorola all its bug blurred Blur. Htc is the way to go. Kudos for T Mobile USA if this is true

  • T-mo Dreamer

    I really hope this rumor is true. T-mobile needs a high-end andriod phone. I was waiting for the mytouch 3g slide, but I'll wait longer for this phone

  • digitalthug

    I couldn't see this as coming with anything less than Froyo (2.2). Would continue the tradition of the Google/HTC/Tmo relationship. Tmo got the first Android phone, then the first Android phone wit 2.1, and hell why not be the first with 2.2 !!!