Samsung i5500 to be the first Corby with Android (2.1)?

Samsung’s Corby range is all about featurephones, and yet it looks like Samsung wants to launch a Corby smartphone, too – an Android 2.1 one.

PuntoCellulare has it that the Samsung GT-i5500 (recently approved by the Wi-Fi alliance) will be included in the Corby family, and thus it should be named Samsung Corby i5500.

Apart from Android 2.1 and Wi-Fi, the Samsung Corby i5500 reportedly features GPS, 3G, Bluetooth, touchscreen display (of unknown resolution), and a photo camera, probably of at least 3MP.

The i5500 was also approved by the FCC (sans 3G, though), and in lack of a proper photo of it, we give you the FCC’s sketch of what the handset’s case will look like:

The Samsung i5500 Corby should be announced “in the coming weeks” (maybe at the same time with the Samsung i5800 / i5800 aka Galax3?). It’s said that the smartphone will cost around €200.

Author: Florin

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