New iPhone 4G / HD videos and photos

Vietnamese websites are sure set to piss off Apple and Steve Jobs, as one of them has just posted new photos and videos of what certainly looks like yet another iPhone 4G / HD prototype – although this could be the same unit seen last week.

We’ve already reported what the next iPhone should bring feature-wise, so these new photos and videos don’t actually unveil anything we didn’t already know. However, they confirm, once again, that there will be a 16GB iPhone 4G / HD, and that the smartphone uses a Micro SIM card, just like the iPad 3G.

You can see the Micro SIM card slot in the fourth and fifth photos.

Unfortunately, the videos don’t show the new smartphone booting, and I assume it can’t do it anyway, since it’s just a prototype:

It’s said that Apple has already ordered about 24 million new iPhones, 10 million of which may have CDMA connectivity (thus being compatible with Verizon’s network).

All the official details on the new Apple iPhone should be unveiled on June 7 – in less than three weeks from now. Until then, Steve Jobs still has enough time to conceive a brainwashing announcement speech that’ll likely include terms like revolutionary and magical.

Via Maynguyen, SoftSailor

Author: Florin

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  • James W

    Somebody call Pamela Anderson, Steve Jobs stole her plastic……

    Plastic = Fake, like all Apple products and thier followers….

  • Psirus

    Someone is a hater. Be like Air Jordan and shave the 'stache

    And apple isn't making it of plastic. This silicon is much richer.