Microsoft shows off LG Panther with the latest build of Windows Phone 7

First appeared back in February, LG’s first Windows Phone 7 device (known as LG Panther) has been showcased again by Microsoft, while demonstrating the latest build of WP7.

Pocket-lint was present at the Microsoft event, and it now reports that the Panther “was working very smoothly”, although its touchscreen display could have been a bit more responsive.

It looks like the LG Panther will be among the first Windows Phone 7 devices to be launched later this year (in Q4) – HTC and Samsung will most likely have WP7 devices by then, too.

As for Microsoft’s new OS itself, this isn’t fully functional yet. However, Facebook integration is “intuitive and seamless”, while Zune provides access to music and videos “quickly and clearly”. Xbox Live support will be included in a later build of WP7.

Is there anyone actually waiting for Windows Phone 7, when there’s so much talk about Android and iPhone going on?

Author: Florin

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