Nokia E73 Mode to hit T-Mobile USA on June 16

Remember that rumor about the unannounced Nokia 73? It turns out that the smartphone actually exists, and T-Mobile USA is getting ready to launch it next month.

T-Mo (which recently launched the Nokia 5230 Nuron) named the handset “Nokia E73 Mode”, and it will target it at “professionals who are looking to balance all aspects of their busy lives and want to try devices that help optimize their productivity.”

The E73 Mode looks a lot like the Nokia E72, and comes with the same old QWERTY keypad and the same old landscape display (QVGA, I assume). The smartphone also features 3G, Wi-Fi and “customizable Work and Life homescreens.”

I can’t figure out how the E73 is better than the E72 – it should be, though, since the model number suggests exactly that.

According to Engadget and the screenshot seen above, T-Mobile USA will introduce the Nokia E73 Mode on June 16. No word yet on the phone’s price, and neither on its availability in other markets. Anyway, it would be weird for Nokia to make an Eseries smartphone only for T-Mobile USA, so the handset will probably be out in Europe, too.

Author: Florin

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