BOLT browser 2.1 gets announced, HTML5 support introduced with tightened Facebook integration

Not quite satisfied with your current mobile web browser? You might want to check out BOLT, which has just been upgraded to version 2.1 and currently boasts tightened Facebook integration as well as a little something that’s going to make it great in the future: support for HTML5.

HTML5 is hailed by many as our ticket out of Adobe’s flash player hell since it intros the video tag and enables developers to include video directly on their pages without the need for any pesky add-ons or plug-ins. Besides what’s mentioned above, BOLT sounds like a great all-around mobile web browser with support for keyboard shortcuts, tabbed browsing and compatibility with all sorts of phones from low-end to high-end.

BOLT should work on just about any phone that supports mobile Java (J2ME) and can be downloaded for free from its web site, which we’ve linked to below. Waste no time in checking it out.

BOLT via Symbian-Freak

Author: David Gonzales

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