New BlackBerry Bold 9800 pics leak out, show more of OS 6

RIM’s upcoming slider called the BlackBerry Bold 9800 may have already been seen in a couple of live pics and a video before, but this time, we have new live photos which are of greater quality and show what is probably the final look of the upcoming smartphone. It’s definitely running BlackBerry OS 6 and is looking quite good as a slider, although it looks somewhat bulky in comparison to similar looking devices like the Palm Pre, for example.

The new BlackBerry Bold 9800 live pics give us a great view of the upcoming slider smartphone’s WebKit browser and virtual QWERTY keyboard (as part of BlackBerry OS 6), as well as a glimpse of the media player which has a clone of Cover Flow to display the media on the device. The back part looks plain and simple, adorned only by a small BlackBerry logo beneath the built-in camera.

As I’ve pointed out earlier, the BlackBerry Bold 9800 is quite the handful, but it probably won’t be that hard to use with both hands holding it while typing things on its keypad or tapping things on its touchscreen display.

Below is a small gallery with more photos of the still unreleased phone. Its official launch is reportedly going to happen around June/July so we probably won’t have info on the pricing until then. Unless it gets leaked out ahead of release somehow, of course.

TheBerryFix via BGR

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