Nokia N8 180% faster than Nokia N97?

When Nokia announced the N8 (its first Symbian^3 smartphone), some, if not many, Nokia fans were disappointed by the fact that the handset only has a 680 MHz processor and 256MB of RAM – while other already-available smartphones come with 1GHz processors and 512MB RAM (like the HTC Desire).

I assume Nokia didn’t include a faster processor and more RAM into the N8 in order to keep the cost of the device down (€370 before taxes and subsidies). Btu won’t this negatively affect the smartphone’s performance? Well, maybe not.

FinestFones has run some speed tests on a Nokia N8, with a Symbian app called Speedy Go! It turns out that the Nokia N8 is 54% faster than the Samsung Omnia HD, and 180% faster than the Nokia N97 (434MHz processor, 128MB RAM). Both the Omnia HD and N97 run Symbian S60 5th Edition.

3D benchmark tests were also performed (FPC Bench 3D), and the N8’s results are the highest possible (60fps).

It looks like these nice results are obtained thanks to Nokia’s hardware graphics accelerator, as well as to Symbian^3, which can fully take advantage of a phone’s hardware capabilities (unlike Symbian S60 5th Edition). So things look quite promising now for the N8, despite the initial negative preview of the handset (that was a prototype unit anyway).

Via SlashGear

Author: Florin

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  • MarkUK99

    doesnt seem like a big increase in performance over the old N97. Dont forget Android has just released a mere software update to its already blisteringly fast 1Ghz range found on phones such as the Nexus One and HTC Desire, and this software update increases performance by a further 300-500% ! Nokia really needs to up its game, not produce phones that are already out of date even 6 months before they are released.