Samsung Messager Touch R630 available at U.S. Cellular

Samsung has launched a new QWERTY phone in the US: the Samsung Messager Touch R630, available as of today via U.S. Cellular.

The Messager Touch seems to be a modified Samsung Seek (introduced by Sprint not long ago) and features a 2.6 inch QVGA touchscreen display, TouchWiz UI, Bluetooth, easyedge services, voice recognition, 2MP camera, 100MB of internal memory and MicroSD card slot.

Samsung Messager Touch can be bought from U.S. Cellular for $49.95 on contract. It’s available in two colors: all black, and blue on black.

In case you want a new smartphone from U.S. Cellular, and not just a new featurephone (the Messager Touch is one), you should know that the carrier will launch the Samsung Acclaim R880 and the HTC Desire (both running Android 2.1) later this year.

Via Press release

Author: Florin

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  • Moja
  • boajg

    I want to see the real life size

  • Tari

    I have Charter for internet, I would like to know how I get my e-mail from there on this phone. My old phone I was able to put my address in and I can't see that I can do that one this phone. Am I missing something??

  • Josh

    Can you text using the touch screen or do you have to use the QWERTY keyboard?

  • Sammy Wammy

    You can can do both