iPhone 4.0 video chat feature gets confirmed

A somewhat important innovation that has been available on other phones for years now has been missing on the iPhone for far too long. Two generations after the original iPhone, video chat still isn’t officially enabled or supported by Apple on their smartphones. But as seen in the recently leaked pics of the upcoming 4th-gen iPhone, a front facing video camera will be part of the new features so this means things in the video feature department are about to change.

While Apple remains mum about the official new features of the next-gen iPhone, an unknown individual has tipped Engadget to say that video chat will indeed be supported by the iPhone 4G by way of its built-in front facing video cam.

The same tipster that confirmed the video calling feature has also mentioned that there will be a new Apple ad (among a series of new Apple ads for the iPhone 4G) that showcase video calling as a major selling point of the soon-to-be released smartphone.

The front facing iPhone 4G video cam can be seen in the picture above, which became available as part of a series of iPhone 4G-related leaks that burst out to the Internet earlier this month.

Via Engadget

Author: David Gonzales

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