Motorola Droid Shadow for Verizon found in the wild?

Just two days after Verizon’s rumored Motorola Droid Shadow showed up pictured on a leaked Starting Guide, the unannounced smartphone has allegedly appeared again – this time in a hands-on photo.

Gizmodo has it that the Droid Shadow was found in a corporate Verizon gym somewhere in Washington (is that Washington D.C., or the state of Washington?)

The finder says the handset was remotely locked shortly after he found it – and he had to return it to the owner.

So, is this the real new Moto Droid for Verizon? Maybe, although Engadget suggests it could be a photoshop of the previously leaked image. Even if this is a fake, Verizon will most likely launch the Droid Shadow in June or July. The smartphone’s rumored features include a 4.3 (or 4.1) inch WVGA display, Android and MotoBlur, 8MP camera with HD video recording, HDMI port, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and 2GB/16GB of internal memory.

Until June / July comes, maybe the Motorola XT502 Greco will also be officially unveiled.

Author: Florin

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