HTC EVO 4G to feature HDMI 1.4 docking station

Expected to be available at Sprint starting June 4 (for $199 on contract), the HTC EVO 4G will have a rather unusual accessory: an HDMI docking station that’s compatible with both the MicroUSB port of the EVO, and its HDMI 1.4 port.

The EVO 4G docking station will be available at Best Buy “soon” – most probably immediately after the Android 2.1 smartphone itself is launched.

This is good news, especially since micro HDMI cables seem to be a rarity in US stores at the moment. However, it should be noted that PCMag reviewed the HDMI-out capabilities of the EVO 4G, and the results were “disappointing”: most videos played on TVs didn’t look decent enough. Update: it looks like this has happened because the reviewer didn’t use HD videos, so he actually shouldn’t expect the results to be satisfying. Thus, as pointed out in the comments below, this review is of no relevance when it comes to EVO 4G’s true HDMI capabilities.

Via Android and Me, Engadget

Author: Florin

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  • Mike

    Please DON'T read the PCMag review, you'll waste your time. Those idiots are playing non-HD videos from the EVO on an HDTV and saying they don't look Hi-Def. HOW'S IT GOING TO LOOK HI-DEF WHEN THE VIDEO ITSELF IS NOT HI-DEF???????????????????????????????????????

  • Sheriff

    lmao – i know right!!!!

  • Evo Fan Boy

    Apparently you guys didn't do your research either. PCMag got stupid Iphone fan boys running around….they did not test a HD video please update your review & do some research.

  • Dude

    Florin, you lost all credibility by quoting PCmag's fail article


  • Florin

    You're right guys, that review is crap, so I've updated the article. What's funny is that lots of other sites (including the ones where I got the story from) didn't notice the fact that PGMag's results aren't actually relevant.