Verizon’s Motorola Shadow leaked again. Droid Incredible currently out of stock?

While we’re waiting for Verizon to officially announce the Motorola Droid Shadow, the smartphone has appeared on the Web for the third time now, in a new leaked photo that shows its left side.

The photo confirms that the Droid Shadow features a HDMI-out port. Also, according to this post over at Howard Forums, the following features are also confirmed: 4.1 inch display (WVGA), 8MP camera, 8GB on-board memory, 8GB memory card, and a Texas Instruments OMAP 3630 processor.

Reportedly, the Shadow is not as heavy as the Motorola Droid, and it should be available starting June or July.

Meanwhile, Verizon has some problems with the HTC Incredible stock: customers can currently order the handset, but it looks like Verizon can’t ship it right away, and it will do it by June 16 the latest. Hopefully, the Droid Shadow will be sold for the same price as the Incredible ($200 on contract).

Author: Florin

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