HTC Smart2 with Wi-Fi and Office Suite reportedly in the making

Announced in January and launched around the world not long ago, the Brew-based HTC Smart might already get a sequel named HTC Smart2.

CellPassion received some info according to which the Smart2 will be released in the next few months. Apparently, the Smart2 is “more or less similar” to the first Smart, but it will have two new important features: Wi-Fi, and Office Suite for editing documents.

Like the Smart that’s currently available (pictured below), the Smart2 will be affordable – it’s said that it will cost no more than 10,000 INR in India.

I don’t know how many HTC Smarts have been sold until now, but since this is one of the few touchscreen devices under €200 to offer a smartphone-like experience, I assume the number of units sold is quite high. Like Samsung, HTC understood that there’s high demand for cheap touchphones, so it’s no wonder it wants to launch a new and better Smart soon.

Author: Florin

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