Motorola i1 to be available on June 20 via Boost Mobile

Motorola i1, the world’s first Android iDEN smartphone, will be finally available in the US starting June 20, via Boost Mobile (as expected).

PhoneNews has it that the launch date was confirmed in a TV ad that aired yesterday during the broadcast of the Indianapolis 500 auto race.

It’s said that the Motorola i1 costs $349.99 without a contract – and I think this will make it one of Boost Mobile’s most expensive phones ever. Even so, Boost will probably sell lots of i1s – the handset looks good, it’s rugged and it also has lots of nice features, like a HVGA touchscreen display, Google Maps, Swype, Wi-Fi, and a 5MP camera with flash.

The Motorola i1 will also be launched in Latin America (Mexico, Brazil and Argentina) sometime soon, through NII Holdings (Nextel).

Via PhoneArena

Author: Florin

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  • Chris


  • Leo

    Dose any body knows how its going to work with Boost? Boost is CDMA and this phone is GSM and a 4G, isnt that kind of strange? And what a bout the $ 50.00 a month web,picture.meseging, unlimited is it still going to be the same?

  • user

    boost is iden and cdma. this phone is iden, hence the data will not be optimal.

  • seig

    does this phone support iden networks only?
    the blackberry supports both iden and CDMA.
    I've always been curious if a phone can use the iden radio for calls and direct connect then CDMA for data./webbrowsing

  • boostsalesman

    there is an iden blackberry and a cdma blackberry, the boost one is cdma. this is an iden phone.

  • Boost Dealer

    Yes it will be $50.00 unlimited everything!! On the IDEN network, but it will have WiFi!!! On the Opera MiNi!!!

  • seig

    I got a blackberry 8350i on boost, it can support both iden and cdma networks.
    I'm just saying if it's at all possible for my 8350i to use cdma on data and iden on ptt and calls, sorry kinda drifting out of topic