Sony Nextep – wearable mobile computer concept

Since flexible OLED displays are about to enter mass production soon, we should expect flexible handsets (like the Nokia Morph) to be launched in the near future. However, until this happens, we’ll see lots of flexible device concepts – like the new Sony Nextep.

Designed by Hiromi Kiriki, the Sony Nextep is a wearable mobile computer that can be worn as a bracelet. It can also be turned into some sort of tablet with three distinct displays and two “pull-out extra keyboard panels.” It’s not clear if it should work as a phone, too.

Looking at the photos below, I think the creator of Sony Nextep might have been inspired by this Nokia patent.

The designer of the Nextep believes the device could be made by 2020. Sony has already developed an ultra-thin flexible OLED display, so we might actually see Nextep-wannabes sooner – maybe not just from Sony, but also from other companies that strive to bring innovative gadgets.

Author: Florin

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  • moes harvey

    The only difficulty in development of this device that I see is durability. With such, what I assume to be, an expensive and fragile item in one’s possession – who would dare wear it on their wrist? I know that Rolex’s and the like are also expensive, but they are normally made of metal and made to withstand a degree of abuse. Not to say that it can’t be done – not at all, but making a computer that is sleek, compact, wearable, won’t overheat, etc. could still prove to be a task. I do believe it to be a feasible endeavor but there will be little challenges. At any rate, I’m a destitute student and won’t be investing in one. Hehe.