AT&T’s iPhone 4G to feature tethering at launch; AT&T intros cheaper (non-unlimited) data plans

So AT&T has announced new wireless data plans called DataPlus and DataPro – they’re effective starting June 7 and will cost $15 and $25, respectively. DataPlus gives you 200MB per month, while DataPro gives you 2GB per month.

These plans will enable more customers to access mobile Internet, but at the same time they don’t offer any unlimited data option, like the current $30 per month plan does.

With the new AT&T data plans comes a new tethering option: smartphone owners who choose the DataPro plan can add tethering for $20 per month – and the great news here is that AT&T will finally enable tethering for iPhone, as soon as Apple unleashes iPhone 4 OS. And yes, this means the iPhone 4G (or whatever it’s called in the end) will have tethering at launch (launch expected to happen later this month).

Users can find more details about AT&T’s new plans in this press release, or here.

Via Engadget

Author: Florin

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  • Viktor

    Aoson M500 – ?hinese smartphone that supports 9 operating systems –

  • Carl Barron

    If a credit card company said your limit of spend was $10 a month you’d soon close the account. So why should telephone and ISP companies be allowed to cause a serious negative impact on sales by capping your account particularly at a time when we have a financial crisis and on-line sales are the only thing keeping sales up?

    In the states it appears that AT&T’s new data plan will cause a serious negative impact on the sales of legitimate downloaded material such as movies and music.

    Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk