Samsung Galaxy S officially coming to the US, launching in Europe now

Just yesterday we were telling you that Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy S i9000 in 110 countries around the world. Today, this has been officially confirmed by the giant South Korean company, which says that more than “100 mobile operators across the globe have selected the Galaxy S as their key smartphone market driver.”

More importantly, Samsung has also confirmed it would launch the Galaxy S in the US later this year. It didn’t say via which operators, but T-Mobile and AT&T are most likely among them.

The Galaxy S i9000 should be available in Europe starting now, with more markets to be added soon.

Samsung believes that the handset “will change the way people think about smartphones.” While this may be a far-fetched statement, the Galaxy S is certainly one of this year’s best smartphones – feature-wise, at least – so I think Samsung can easily sell, say, 1 million Galaxy S units in the first week.

Via Phandroid

Author: Florin

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