Verizon HTC Droid Incredible shipments pushed back again

Verizon has been having problems with HTC Droid Incredible stocks since last week, and it looks like things will only look better towards the end of this month.

Last week, Verizon warned customers who tried to buy the Incredible online that the handset would be shipped “by June 16”. Now the Incredible is listed on the carrier’s website as shipping “by June 23.”

As previously reported, the reason behind Verizon’s Droid Incredible shortages is the fact that Samsung’s Mobile Display unit can’t produce 3.7 inch OLED displays quick enough.

Later this year, Verizon is expected to launch the Motorola Droid Shadow and the Motorola Droid 2 – so if you’ve had it with waiting for the Incredible, you might as well wait a little longer, maybe one of Moto’s new Droids will be a better choice for you.

Via Phone Arena

Author: Florin

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  • Michael Mackey

    I ordered two HTC Incredibles on 5/21. Verizon told me it would ship by June 6th. Then I read online that there were delays in shipping, so I didn't think I would be getting it until much later in the month.

    To my surprise, they arrived yesterday (with the 2 gig SD card).

    It is working very well.

  • TLC

    Where did you order yours? Was it from Verizon or a 3rd party? I ordered mine the 19th directly from Verizon with a ship date of before June 6th and haven't seen it yet, also I called and they said the orders are first in first out and assure me that mine would come before yours unless your order was thru a 3rd party vender, so if your order was placed on, on the phone with verizon or in one of the verizon stores, then someone is not very honest.

  • Michael Mackey

    I ordered it at a Verizon store in Iowa City, Iowa.

    Sorry – good luck on getting yours soon.
    (maybe it is a FedEx issue – I didn't get any heads-up)

    Hope this helps

  • Red Baron Realtor

    Which will happen first? Verizon shipments of HTC Incredible or stopping the Gulf oil leak? What is your vote?

  • Mick N

    I ordered on May 22nd so maybe I'll luck out like you did.

  • TLC

    I ordered directly at the store also… Thank you, It is nice to know when coustomer service has been feeding you a line.(it is just kinda depressing that I've heard of so many that ordered after me and got their's already)… LOL Oh well, If I want it I guess I am still waiting… very excitedly.