Verizon’s HTC Droid Incredible smartphones arriving with promised time frame

By now, Verizon’s problems of keeping up with HTC Droid Incredible demand are known to everyone.

They just can not keep up with it, and keep pushing the shipping date further and further.

Btw, yesterday Incredible’s shipping date was June 23d, today it’s June 24th. Basically, a continuous  3 week delay for anyone who orders their Verizon Droid Incredible.

But the situation is not as bad as it seems. Yes, you will have to wait up to 3 weeks for your new Droid. But you shouldn’t have to wait more then that. If you submitted your order for Droid Incredible sometime in May, you should receive your new smartphone with 2-3 weeks, as promised.

We already had several confirmations from lucky chaps, who received their Droids after “only” a 2 week wait. Some are still waiting, but none of them beyond the delivery date promised on ordering day.

Verizon says that they are shipping new HTC Droid Incredibles as soon as they get them, on a “first  come, first served” basis, and doing their best to make sure customers get their new smartphones within the promised timeframe.

Did you order your Droid Incredible? Share your experience of how Verizon keeps up with promised delivery dates in comments.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

While I like to play with the latest gadgets, I am even more interested in broad technology trends. With mobile now taking over the world - following the latest technology news, looking for insights, sharing and discussing them with passionate audience - it's hard to imagine a better place for me to be. You can find me on Twitter as @UVStaska'

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  • Allan

    Someone I know ordered on 05/19 and it shipped as of 06/03 so it looks promising.
    Mine was ordered on 05/25, so if I add 6 days difference in order dates to MY order, mathematically I should be getting mine pretty soon as well. Here's hoping.

  • Michele

    I ordered mine 05/19 and have yet to get it. An email about 5 days ago from Verizon stated shipments will be mailed out by 6/9…..cannot wait! If I had known of the delays….I would have ordered much earlier.

  • Neil

    I hope the phones don't have any malfunctions due to all the rushing to get the phones out.

  • Jon

    I got mine on release day. Yep i preordered, kinda figured this would be a popular phone. I love mine by the way. only complaint is battery life is a little short.

  • Julie

    I got my Droid yesterday and my husband had ordered it on May 10th. I love it, although I am still trying to figure alot of it out!

  • Tom

    Ordered 5/17, Got my tracking number today and it will arrive tomorrow, June 4. Total time = 2 weeks, 4 days.

  • Jason

    I ordered mine on 5-19… called today (6-3) and they told me it would ship by 6-9, which was the orig. ship date (although I was hoping for sooner). Verizon was straightforward with info – the person I spoke with today told me that Verizon staff couldn't get one until the backorders were taken care of. If I had ordered by 5-17, today would have been the ship day (dang!).

  • jimmy c

    ordered online on 5/18. got it on wed 6/3. awesome phone, but takes a few days to get used to everything.

  • Omar

    I ordered my “Incedible” Droid on May 23rd and yet have not recieved it. Cant wait to get it!!!!!!!!

  • rjm2786

    Ordered mine 5/22…..New iphone comes out next week….

  • GTyler

    Was eligible for an upgrade on June 2nd and ordered an Incredible that day from Amazon because it said it was in stock. It was shipped yesterday and I will get it on Monday. I feel very lucky because Amazon now quotes a 1 to 3 week wait.

  • blondesax

    Ordered May 19th. Today (June 4th) was the promised SHIPPING date. Well, I leave to chaperon a church high school trip tomorrow for all next week. So even if it does ship today, I won't get it 'til at least the 13th when I return. Sad… panda…

  • Paula

    Ordered my Incredible on 5/15/10. Got it on 6/2. Still learning how to operate it. But, I think I am going to really like it.

  • Tom

    When I ordered mine on 5/19 it had a 6/9 shipping date also. Can't wait to get it. I have the original droid now that I am passing to my son so there are two anxious people at my house.

  • Vikram

    I know… Amazon said it would ship in 6-7 weeks for a while, and wirefly said 2-3 weeks. i went with wirefly, and lo and behold, Amazon has it in stock the very next day. I can't have enough of bad luck, can I?

  • Pon

    Ordered my phone on 5/13, was told I would have it in 3-5 business days, never happened. Called Verizon the following Monday and was told it would ship that day by 3pm, never shipped again. When I did not receive tracking via email I called again, this time they told me it's backordered and not available to ship until 6/14…..FAIL! Looks like I'm waiting.

  • Mike

    Screwed by Jesus… story of my life.

  • anteater99

    Ordered mine on 5/21 – verizon told me that it will ship on 6/11. I ordered an LG Ally for my wife and she received on 5/28 – ugh – still using my ancient LG Venus – its a travesty!!!

  • Codeman

    I ordered an Incredible from on June 1. And just received an email informing me that it has shipped. Fedex tracking estimates to deliver on June 8. One week ain't too bad!! Plus it only cost me $150 for phone with a renewal of my 2yr contract!!

  • Staska

    Well, that's the complaint of every modern smartphone user. And, unless
    there's some really big breakthrough in battery tech, it's only goin to get

    I already forgot the days where I could go on for days without charging my
    phone. I'm very happy to keep it up for a day, at best. And, I always have
    my car charger, and normal charger in my pocket when I know I'll have to
    really use my top of the line smartphone.

  • Michelle

    Did you order yours in store or online? I did it in the store so I'm not sure if I'll be getting an email, etc since I was never asked for it – so I really have no idea when its coming (ordered 6/1)

  • Eric

    So far this is all I get 🙁

    Order Status
    Here is the status of your order.
    Order Date: 05/22/2010
    Order Number: xxxxxxxx
    Order Status: Your order has been processed and will be shipped based on inventory availability and shipping method. You will receive shipment notification and tracking details via email.

  • jeremy

    I ordered my incredible on the 28th they said it would ship on the 8th and it will be here on the 7th via fed x cant wait!!!!

  • ellobo163

    yes it does, but not for Verizon, they decided not to carry the iphone again. They said that the Incredible is selling better than the iphone….. and will stick with adroid untl 2012, when AT&T rights to the iphone expire.

  • Paul

    Sure would add some “incredible” insult to injury. (lol)

  • dirtyd

    Wow. all you sapps that had no faith in the phone n waited to order deserve to wait. I ordered mine on may 2nd got it on the 6th. even though verizon said i wouldn't get incredible for two weeks…. shouldnt have waited a month to buy it all you idiots.. ha. have mine for a month now n i can say that the phone kicks ass!!

  • dirtyd

    obviously they are not rushing.. they are not in stock. waiting for screens from samsung

  • mrcadillac

    Was promised to get it in three weeks but got it in two.

  • Christina

    I ordered mine saturday the 5th and today I got an email that said “your order has been shipped” with a shipping number. I thought they wouldn't be shipped until the 28th?? can this be true??

  • Jessie

    If this true I'm going to go crazy. I ordered my Incredible from on May 12. I'm still waiting for it to ship closing on for weeks. 2-3 weeks my behind.

  • Paul

    I wanted to order from Amazon as it was cheaper, but there was no option to order. I ended up ordering from Verizon (not very smart I know)… 'supposed to ship on the 10th – we shall see

  • Paul

    If it's from Verizon, no it's not true. I got a similar email. Sorry.

  • SuperKK

    Ordered mine June 13th.

    I'm still waiting.