FIFA World Cup 2010 could mean trouble for mobile network operators

In exactly one week from now, FIFA World Cup 2010 will debut with the South Africa vs. Mexico match. Whether your favorite team has managed to qualify for the WC or not, if you’re a football fan (like me) you’ll surely want to watch as many matches as possible. Since we can’t always be near a TV, and 3G networks nowadays allow live streaming, those who have capable smartphones could easily watch games while on the go.

This will obviously increase data usage in countries where operators provide mobile TV services, and that’s not exactly a great thing.

According to consultancy firm Deloitte, “there is a high probability that networks could become saturated during midweek day games if individuals do not have television access and, in turn, opt for online viewing.” Furthermore, “with social media and micro-blogging sites likely to attract plenty of ‘commentary’, this problem may only be exacerbated.”

Hopefully, carriers are ready to answer the needs of data-hungry football fans during the World Cup so there won’t be any network failures.

As for end users, streaming a football match on a mobile phone “would use around 400MB of data”, so those who don’t have unlimited data plans should be careful if they want to avoid huge bills.

Bills and data usage aside, do you think Italy has what it takes to reiterate the 2006 success, or a brand new world champion will emerge this year?

Author: Florin

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