HTC Desire shortages reported in the UK. HTC HD2 has digitizer problems

Like the Verizon Droid Incredible in the US, the HTC Desire seems to be quite hard to find in the UK, where it was introduced about two months ago.

According to MobileNews CWP, HTC Desire sales “since launch have been double than of any other HTC device in an equivalent timeframe”, and phone dealers are criticizing HTC for underestimating demand.

“It’s so frustrating to tell customers they’ll have to come back in a few days, and risk losing them altogether,” said one phone dealer.

Mobile operators are having problems with HTC Desire stock, too. For example, Orange’s black Desire can’t be purchased at the moment, and the carrier doesn’t say when it will be available again. On contract, the new Android smartphone is usually free in the UK for those who choose plans of at least £30 per month.

In related news, the Windows Mobile-based HTC HD2 seems to have serious problems with the touchscreen digitizer pad.

“This is a massive issue. We are getting 10 requests a day to service this part on the HD2. If the digitizer breaks, often the LCD has to be replaced as well. And we are having trouble getting hold of new digitizers,” says Turn On Your Mobile proprietor Mark Pollak.

Author: Florin

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