AT&T’s HTC Aria to be launched as HTC Liberty or HTC Intruder?

HTC Aria, which is believed to be AT&T’s first Android phone made by HTC, might have a different name at launch.

Android Central unveiled a rendering of a new handset that’s called HTC Liberty – this looks almost exactly like the Aria leaked last week (it’s basically a smaller Droid Incredible).

The UA profiles of HTC Aria and HTC Liberty are similar, too, confirming that both devices run Android and have 320 x 480 pixels displays. So it’s possible that the Aria will actually be launched as HTC Liberty (a much better name for a phone that runs Android, don’t you think?).

Another possible name for AT&T’s first HTC Android phone is HTC Intruder. TJCrew has a screenshot showing the Intruder in AT&T’s inventory, priced at $129 on contract.

Of course, the Intruder might be a totally different device, since it looks like AT&T actually plans to launch not one, but two HTC Android handsets this year (most likely not before it launches the new iPhone 4).

We’re now waiting for AT&T or HTC to shed some light on their future Android-related plans.

Author: Florin

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  • Vincent

    $129 is the for Radio Shack's optional repari plan. Not the upgrade price.

  • dook

    AT&T is planning on launching three Android devices by HTC, not two. They also promised (at CES) to launch these, including the Dell Aero and Motorola Backflip by the end of the first half of 2010.

  • Fern2021

    I work at AT&T Mobility's 3rd part distribution center. The box says Aria, in the battery compartment it says Intruder, and when we power it up to test it the setup guide refers to it as the Liberty. WTF??