iPhone 4, iPad and Samsung Wave apparently share the same CPU core

Back in January, when Apple announced the iPad, the Cupertino company has also introduced a new 1GHz “Apple A4 chip.”

The A4 chip is also included in the just-announced iPhone 4, and Steve Jobs made quite a big deal out of this, saying the chip is designed by Apple’s own team. That may be true, but Canada-based research firm UBM TechInsights has it that said A4 chip “features the same 1 GHz ARM CORTEX A8 core” that powers the Wave S8500 – namely the S5PC110A01 application processor (manufactured by Samsung).

Apart from being included into the Bada-based Wave, the S5PC110A01 processor is likely also found in the Samsung Galaxy S (coming soon to the US) – and it might also power the upcoming Samsung Tab Android tablet.

All this doesn’t mean much to end users, that’s true, but it simply shows the power of a manufacturer like Samsung, which, by supplying components to Apple, will basically make profit each time an iPad or an iPhone 4 is sold.

Via Press release (PDF file)

Author: Florin

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  • p3ngwin

    Samsung developed their own 1Ghz “Hummingbird” with help from Intrinsic, before Apple bought them. it's likely that Apple is using Samsung's developed processor until Apple can develop *and* ship it's own chips.

    designing a chip and bringing to market can take 1-3 years. Apple hasn't had P.A. Semi long enough to design the “A4″ chip and get it to market in such a quick turn-around, so it seems Apple got Samsung chips and re-branded them as Apple's own.

  • Spyroscesarsc

    Apple will make chips? Maybe first must make some iphones, because now the iphones are made in China by foxconn… Or they, will make chips and send then in foxconn? :P