T-Mobile’s Samsung Gravity T T669 and Samsung Smile T359 in live photos

Expected to be released by T-Mobile USA on June 23, Samsung Gravity T T669 and Samsung Smile T359 have appeared in a few live photos that let us (and you) take a better look at them.

The Gravity T is a touchscreen phone with a horizontal-sliding QWERTY keyboard, 3G, TouchWiz UI, Dolphin browser, and 2MP photo camera.

The Smile has a QWERTY keyboard, too (but a vertical one), also coming with 3G, web browser, and a 1.3MP camera.

These seem to be good phones for heavy texters, but if you’re looking for something truly high-end, don’t forget that T-Mobile will launch the Samsung Galaxy S soon – the latest rumors point out to a July 21 release.

Via TmoNews

Author: Florin

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  • UralBas

    Galaxy S is useless phone, SAMSUNG has NOT updated the Behold to 2.1 just 1.6. The Moment on Sprint got a cirippled 2.1 with no live wall papers.

    You buy a Galaxy S with 2.1, you may never see 2.2 or anything else on your phone. Samsung has proven this with its current deployed smartphones. Consequently its a waste of money.

    T Mobile keeps on offering useless phones that are no match for an Evo, Incredible, Shoales, Desire or a 4GS. They keep this up and they will keep on loosing customers.

    T Mobile if you dont get it, To renew our contract you need to provide better options here too. Yes, your network is great in metro areas. But Sprint offers about the same for a similar price with a BETTER PHONE. Verizon offers MORE THAN ONE PHONE. Soon even the WORST operator, ATT will offer more than one good alternative and T Mobile will still be saying.. buy a MyTouch with a plastic feel ….or how about a gamring phone… or a non upgradable Behold, Gravity, Smile or Galaxy

    The answer is NO THANK YOU!!!!

    Not even the N1 which is over half a year old is an alternative currently. and 6 months in the cellphone business is a LOOONNNGG Time.