Huge AT&T security breach exposes iPad owners’ emails

AT&T has confirmed that a security breach on its website allowed more than 100,000 email addresses owned by Apple iPad users to be exposed and become vulnerable to hacker attacks.

The security breach affected only iPad 3G owners (who need to use SIM cards so that AT&T can identify them) and allowed a funny-named hacker group to retrieve the email addresses of about 114,000 iPad owners.

According to Gawker, email addresses of important people were leaked, including executives at the New York Times, Time Warner, Dow Jones, HBO and News Corporation. Thanks to AT&T, said email addresses could become vulnerable to spamming and other related activities.

Luckily, AT&T said that the security breach is now fixed. However, the FBI has opened an investigation to further look into the case.

As of May 31, Apple sold more than 2 million iPads worldwide, most of them in the US, where AT&T is the exclusive iPad carrier. AT&T will also be the exclusive iPhone 4 carrier in the US, starting June 24, when Apple’s new smartphone goes on sale.

Via Associated Press

Author: Florin

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