Motorola Raises the Bar With Plans For 2 GHz Android in 2010

Apple may have had its big day or two to take in the spotlight and make the competition look bad with its fancy new iPhone 4 and iOS 4.0, but Motorola isn’t going to sit there and just take it. Sanjay Jha & Friends are bringing everything they have to the smartphone party and calling all bets by publicly stating the company’s intent to launch an Android device with a 2 GHz processor by the end of this year.

That’s right, Motorola is planning a new device that is twice as fast as the iPhone 4 and faster than most capable netbooks (running 1.6 GHz or slower processors, that is). It’s clear to see what HelloMoto’s vision is for the upcoming years in the mobile industry, and the company intends to be on the front lines of this onslaught of superphones.

This statement came out of Jha’s mouth yesterday at the Executives Club in Chicago and discussed his vision of the future having a focus on highly-capable smartphones that take the place of, and be mostly responsible for the demise of, mobile computing devices such as notebooks and netbooks (would this include the iPad though?). Which naturally led him into sharing this golden nugget of information.

But here’s another kicker. Another anonymous Motorola executive told Conceivably Tech that this new powerful device will essentially include everything that is “technologically possible” in any smartphone today. It will include a gyroscope and a powerful new Nvidia Tegra-based graphics processor complete with full Flash 10.1 hardware acceleration. Oh yeah, this exec also talked about 720p HD video output, HD screen resolution, and camera with more than 5 MP. This has me drooling already.

So what does this mean for you, consumer who is on the fence about iPhone 4? Could this be enough to sway you in either direction?

If Motorola truly comes out with this superphone, it quite possibly could show up as a new Droid (or similar branding) for the holidays. It would make sense, though it’s too early to predict whether or not it will be exclusively on Verizon. No matter what, news like this is what makes me so excited for the future. We have a lot of great things coming, and we’re just barely scratching the surface of what’s actually possible in the future.

via Conceivably Tech, via KnowYourCell

Author: Brad Molen

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  • Spyroscesarsc

    From 600MHz will jump at 2GHz? I can't believe that. 😕