Sprint admits losing customers to AT&T’s iPhone. Hopes EVO 4G will fix that

With AT&T still being the exclusive iPhone carrier in the US, the rest of the mobile operators are probably not too happy to see the iPhone 4 launch date (June 24) getting closer, since they’ll likely lose some customers – who may have been bewitched by the new iPhone’s features and look.

Sprint’s chief financial officer, Robert Brust, has recently admitted that his company loses customers to AT&T each summer, when Apple intros a new iPhone.

Last summer, Sprint had hoped that the Palm Pre would stop customers from flocking to AT&T – but Palm’s first WebOS smartphone only had a moderate success and didn’t help much.

This year, however, thanks to HTC and Google, things look much better for Sprint, which has just launched the HTC EVO 4G – the first 4G / WiMax phone in the States.

Sprint probably sold more than 200,000 HTC EVO 4Gs in the first week-end, this leading to supply shortages (i.e. the EVO is, today at least, out of stock).

Robert Brust said that the EVO may help Sprint not to “lose as many customers this year as we have in the past”.

Like Verizon’s HTC Droid Incredible, the EVO 4G is a smartphone that one would easily consider getting instead of the iPhone 4, since it has comparable features, and an OS – Android 2.1, upgradeable to Android 2.2 – that’s day by day closer to maturity.

In addition, AT&T has constant network problems, and it recently introduced new data plans, which don’t include unlimited data. Sprint currently offers a $69.99 monthly plan that includes unlimited data, and it says it has no plans to limit data usage.

So in the end Sprint does seem to have some advantages over AT&T. But will it be enough to save the CDMA carrier from losing customers yet again because of the new iPhone? Time will tell – and it will do it quite soon.

Via Cnet

Author: Florin

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