First pic of Samsung Galaxy S Pro with QWERTY keyboard leaks

This had to happen sooner or later.

Ever since the announcement of ridiculously well specced’up Samsung Galaxy S, the interwebs were abuzz about full QWERTY keyboard equipped version of this handset, dubbed Samsung Galaxy S Pro.

But, even though everyone who cared knew, that Galaxy S Pro is coming, not a single picture of it has leaked yet. Until today:

Nothing much to look at, but still it’s nice to finally see the new Samsung Galaxy S Pro in the flesh.

If Samsung will keep the same specs as on it’s keyboardless sibling, Samsung Galaxy S should be one mighty impressive Android smartphone with:

  • Android 2.1, later upgraded to 2.2
  • 4″ Super AMOLED (which is 20% brighter and eliminates 80% of sunlight glare),
  • Social Hub,
  • 16 GB internal storage plus MicroSD capability
  • Document Editor
  • Remote Controller for Samsung TVs
  • Google Maps Navigation with Voice search and turn-by-turn (as well as real-time traffic updates)
  • Daily Briefing, a way to view your favorite widgets and info on one page
  • Wireless tethering (the presentation led me to believe that it broadcasts its own MiFi, instead of tethering via Bluetooth)
  • HD Movie Recording
  • Layar Augmented Reality Browser
  • allshare via DLNA

The Samsung Galaxy S Pro in the picture is made for Sprint, but it’s a safe bet, that it won’t be an exclusive this time, and other operators throughout the world will  soon be getting their Galaxy S Pro’s too.

Via Android Community

Author: Julien

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  • James W

    looks ok, but really need to ditch the dated icon menu interface look, very dated now. In fact, it would help if ALL phone companies and all OS's ditched the boring icon interface and replace it with 3D HD-Clear graphics.

  • Spyroscesarsc

    The European model will be very different i think.