HTC Wildfire available at Vodafone UK, despite delay rumors?

HTC Wildfire pre-orders started at Vodafone UK last week, with the carrier saying that the smartphone should ship on June 15.

Of course, June 15 is today, and one customer commented on Voda’s official website that he’s already got the Wildfire.

And yet Vodafone doesn’t list the device as being available – it’s still on pre-order.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile UK says that its customers will be able to get Wildfire later this month, while online retailers like Clove UK and HTCPedia expect the handset to be delayed until late July or early August. So it’s not quite clear if HTC has started to offer the Wildfire in the UK or not.

Announced in May, the HTC Wildfire is like a Desire with low to mid-end features, including a QVGA touchscreen display, Android 2.1 with Sense UI, Wi-Fi, GPS, 5MP camera, and a 528 MHz processor. Vodafone offers the smartphone for free with plans from £20 per month. Unlocked, the Wildfire should cost less than €300.

Author: Florin

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