iPhone 4 pre-orders start today in the US, UK, France. T-Mobile Germany announces tariffs

When Apple announced the new iPhone 4, it promised that customers would be able to pre-order it starting June 15. Well, June 15 is today, and you can, indeed, pre-order the new iPhone, but only if you’re in the US, UK, France or Germany.

In the US, the iPhone 4 can currently be bought only with a 2-yr contract with AT&T. The iPhone 4 16GB costs $199.99, while the iPhone 4 32GB is $299.99. The old iPhone 3GS is also available, in an 8GB version, for $99.99. You can start pre-ordering here.

In the UK, customers can pre-order the iPhone 4 unlocked (only the black edition). The 16GB version is £499 (about $736), while the 32GB one is £599 (about $883). Kind of expensive, but then again, new iPhones were never cheap in Europe.

In France, the Apple store is currently down, so you can’t pre-order the iPhone 4 yet – but you can check it out here from time to time, it should be functional again pretty soon.

In Germany, T-Mobile has announced its iPhone 4 tariffs, and they’re, yet again, expensive. The only monthly plan that lets you get an iPhone 4 (16GB or 32GB) for free (well, almost free, it’s actually €1) costs €119.95. You can see all the available plans an tariffs here.

All those who pre-order the iPhone 4 will likely receive it on June 24, when Apple plans to start selling the handset in the four countries mentioned above, as well as in Japan. Later this year, the world’s first smartphone to feature a retina display will be available in lots of other markets around the world.

Author: Florin

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