BlackBerry Bold 9800 might be called Torch 9800. Chinese clone already shows up

We’ve seen the BlackBerry Bold 9800 lots of times until now, both in photos and videos, but RIM has still not announced it. Perhaps the Canadian company didn’t announce the 9800 yet because it’s still not sure about its final name.

A recent post at CrackBerry implies that the new smartphone (RIM’s first slider) might be called Torch 9800 instead of Bold 9800.

RIM has registered the domain, so we might see a whole new series of BlackBerries carrying this name – maybe all of them being sliders. The idea for the new name may have come from Torch Mobile, acquired by RIM last year.

Te BlackBerry Bold / Torch 9800 is expected to be officially unveiled in the next few months, running BlackBerry OS 6.

Meanwhile, a 9800 clone has already appeared somewhere in China:

The fake BlackBerry 9800 has dual SIM capabilities, and it reportedly costs about $75 – that’s probably about $600 less than the price of the real, unannounced Berry.

Author: Florin

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