All Nokia smartphones will have NFC starting 2011

Although Nokia cancelled the launch of the 6216 classic (which should have been its first SIM-based NFC pohne), the company doesn’t abandon the idea of offering NFC handsets.

On the contrary, Nokia’s Anssi Vanjoki has just announced that all of the company’s smartphones introduced starting 2011 will feature NFC, likely supporting SWP (Single Wire Protocol), which allows NFC capabilities to be used via SIM cards.

Nokia will also launch a set of tools for third party developers so they can integrate NFC-related features into their applications.

NFC (Near Field Communication) will allow Nokia smartphone owners to make ticketing transactions and payments, and share content with other NFC-enabled devices.

The addition of NFC capabilities will likely not make Nokia’s smartphones too expensive – after all, the canceled 6216 (seen above) should have been launched for an affordable price (€150).

Via IntoMobile

Author: Florin

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  • Den Wilson

    Its all marketing stratigy. You will have to buy a new handset to enjoy latest featurs. It will be always like that. Later Nokia will stop supporting the listed mobiles for OVI 3 with newer version of the software.
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  • Fdgbsf